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God's Existence and Meanings

Humans imagined that this universe was created as it is, by someone so powerful, so strong, they called It many ...
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The Key of the Unlimited Powers

Many things can make us pessimistic, powerless and aimless. We live in a world of lies, this is what we ...
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Not one of them

How do I write and talk about freedom in a country that has stolen peace from my heart? How can ...
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In the News

The beginning of the end of the Syrian crisis

(Translated from Arabic) The cooperation of the Syrian and Russian armies leads to back control most of Syrian regions from ...
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Leaked documents reveal that Facebook is behind Trump being president and Brexit!

50,000,000 Americans had their Facebook information leaked and used to manipulate them and get Donald Trump as president. Yes that ...
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This is how Russia interfered into the USA elections!

Russia is deeply embedded into Facebook. In 2009, Russian social-media mogul Yuri Milner invested $200 million into Facebook at a ...
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