How to have a virus, adware, spyware, anyfuckingware free computer?

Hello dear user, or let’s say it more properly!
Hello dear Windows user!

If you have any Linux distro or MacOS don’t continue reading. But if you’re a Windows peasant, then this article is for you.

The internet is filled with clean your computer articles and most of them let you download shit that shits on your computer instead of cleaning it, in this guide I will share my 9 years virus free experience with you guys. Just follow these 4 simple steps.

Step One: Changing an option in windows 

I don’t know why Microsoft has an option on by default where most users download and run .exe files because they are tricked by thinking it’s a .mp3 file, since virus creators name their files for example Imstupid.mp3.exe, if you have the hide know file types option on it will show you Imstupid.mp3

Anyways, type Folder Options in your windows search bar and press the first thing you get, on the top of the window that opens press View, and in the view page uncheck the stupid option “Hide extensions for known file types”

Ok now you can know the real extension for the shit you download from the internet, HURRAY!!

Step Two: Have an ad-blocker 

I don’t know how allot of people use the internet without ad blockers, using an ad blocker is one of those things that when you use it, you can’t stop using it, like heroine, 144hz screens, food.
If you’re using Chrome browser head on to this link:

Type ublock origin if you want and advanced adblocker
Type Adguard if you want a simple yet effective adblocker
after that press the blue “ADD TO CHROME” button, and congrats you are now aids free emm I mean ad free!!

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, use this link: and the other steps are the same.
If you’re using Internet explorer, you are a sad person.

Step Three: Download a free Antivirus

This step nowadays is not even necessary with Windows 10, but it’s not wrong to add an extra layer of security on you computer. Moreover, buying an Antivirus is similar to burning your money, it’s useless!
Download a free one like:

I use Avast, and please please please after you install it check this option, trust me your life will be much more easier!


Step Four: Don’t be stupid

If you already followed the above three steps and you still got a virus, you’re either super unlucky or you’re simply “computer stupid”


If you want a network wide ad blocker (anyone who is connect to your Wifi) use this god-sent holy software 

You’ll need to install it on a computer (preferably raspberry pi or Arduino) that also has a linux distro installed on it, trust me it’s really worth the trouble!


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