Three things that will let you stop giving a fuck in a positive way

Sometimes you see people on the streets or in Youtube videos doing something brave or stupid or anything that you can’t imagine yourself doing, what makes those people different than you, how can they act in a way that translate to not giving a fuck.
We’ll the reasoning behind not giving a fuck is explained in three simple steps:

Step One: You and everyone else on the planet right now will eventually die.
99.9% of people are forgotten pretty quickly once they die. Once a person’s grandchildren die off their memory will be wiped out completely, save for a couple pictures and videos your great grandchildren who never met you might look at twice in their life. Why then do you care what all these people think about you so damn much? Go out and kick some ass. Nobody cares.

Step Two: The universe. The stars. The fucking night sky.
Look at it. Glance up there once in a while. Think how insignificant most of your problems are and how laughable the things you worry about are in the face of it. Infinite space and billions of galaxies, yet you’re anxious about saying something stupid to some random person?

Step Three: Perception is everything.
“Nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Your greatest power in this life is your own perception. To what’s going on around you. To other people. To your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You have to realize that nothing can touch the deepest part of your soul. It’s all just stimuli. You are a stoic sage. A zen master. Don’t let anything rattle your core. You are a fucking machine that won’t stop for anybody, yet is always at peace. Conquer your own mind and body, and you will be a god.

Look i’m not being nihilistic or whatever other -istic shit you can throw on me, it’s just simple, stop giving a fuck and your life will get easier. Wanna talk with that girl that you like but your ego is stopping you from asking her out, stop giving a fuck about the possible outcome of you asking her out, and just go there and ask her out. Are you super annoyed from that person in the bus that has music on his speaker, stop giving a fuck and tell him to stop being an asshole. I can stop giving a fuck and keep on giving you examples, but I’m tired now and will stop typing.

Au revoir!

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4 years ago

Hello bro seems that youre not giving a fuck about anything. Me too by the way… But God loves us 😀 maybe because we don’t give a fuck

4 years ago
Reply to  Ronn

This is how it is supposed to be