The Human Consciousness

Let’s first define consciousness

Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.

But I don’t think that most humans are conscious in the full meaning, most people live a mass unconsciousness state of mind defined by others and they continue serving the same life without changing anything. Until someone else or some incident change their lives, sometimes to the better, other times to the worst.

The human consciousness works awkwardly most of the time

Most humans think with their emotions rather than logic, as their leaders or stupid community use this weakness to the farthest extent.
Most humans utilize their brain capacities for stupid things,
most humans dream more than they achieve,
most humans follow more than they lead,
most humans care for problems more than solutions,
and most humans simply live the same lie. Until they are obligued to change.

Humans don’t even know why they exist and what awaits them in an awkward world created by humans themselves.

Consciousness is a part of our thinking

Thinking is an act of our our human brain, the brain is a developed part of our body, it serves this body and works as a gate between us and our environment including our human world.

This miraculous gate has developed great skills:

High reaction speed,

ability to interact and make use of our environment

advanced communication abilities,

ability to learn

and a great capacity of memory.

Also scientists say that it is shrinking in the last thousand years. Of course because most people are not using it well, they prefer to live a stupid life.

Our own human experience

The human mind takes a long time, sometimes it may take generations to learn and develop something new.

But it’s all in our thought, once the human mind learns something new it adapts, converts and begins a new journey in seconds.


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Author: Ronn

Looking for the real freedom.

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