The joy of Being a Freethinker

Most of the time we learn false knowledge from our community, since our childhood. Simply because this is what people know. I was lucky to be a freethinker who is more attracted to science since my childhood. And I was lucky to have such wonderful, wise and tolerant parents.

I was born in poverty in the beginning of a 20 years civil war, I learned a lot from my childhood, I saw people killing each other in the name of peaceful religions, I was even persecuted for my free and rebellious mind but I never stopped being the happiest and the strongest person on Earth and nobody can stop this. If I become the richest I’ll let you know :p

I believe that I live a simple and beautiful life because I don’t really care for things that make our community crazy. And that is so cool!!!

A True Story

We are social beings, but the community usually defines our aim, our desires and even our own success and failure. Mostly according to dogmas that has gone wrong through centuries, including religion, politics and money. We rarely decide for ourselves, we always want someone else to do our things or else we do his things.

At the other side, people nag a lot, they keep nagging even when they have what they really want or deserve. Everyone wants to have all the money in the world, people are never satisfied.

Many people were mislead to win the whole world, to be closer to God or even to have an eternal life. But no one was even close, we got misery instead.

Paradoxical nagging and dependency lead people into various troubles.

Freethought is Simple

Freethought is simple, if we take things easy, we can find the solutions, that are available before us, life is simple, beautiful and miraculous, and it always gets to the better, if we really want this.

What defines success is the things that we do from our hearts, the things that we try our best to do, and the things that can optimize the self and the community.

Don’t think about the negative things that don’t really matter.

It brings Hell…

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Author: Ronn

Looking for the real freedom.

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