I know, therefore I am

Most people don’t know anything. They live only one state of this life: the trivial state: eating, drinking and being stupid.
They don’t know why they exist
They do not acknowledge neither the past nor the future,
But are fooled only by the accidents of their lives.

Life is not just the years that we live
Science is not just the information that we know
And religion is not just the beliefs that we follow

A community is a number of individuals,
if they are stupid they form a stupid society,
if they are intellectuals, they form an educated society
and if they are smart, they form a smart society.

Civilization is not only the present that we live…
Civilization is a matter of thousands of years of social evolution
Those who do not contribute to this development are merely a number, that may be more harmful than useful and may be eradicated from the history of mankind

I think, therefore I may be
I know, therefore I can be
I develop, therefore I create what to be.

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Author: Ronn

Looking for the real freedom.

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