The most important expectations: Lebanon and the Arab world

  • Unique initiatives to revive the Arab world
  • Cultural and economic progress
  • Lot of people come back to homeland in order to invest there
  • A great progress in terms of security and peace
  • Understanding and internal agreement between states, presidents and people of different beliefs
  • Defending the freedom of opinion is a duty of all presidents

Lebanon Expectations

  • The Lebanese people insist on change, progress and freedom
  • An intellectual revolution and a change
  • The voice of people is finally heard
  • Lebanon is a free and secular state with a single constituency
  • Understanding and social and political peace
  • A Unique Economic Rise, Lebanon is the center of the Middle East economy, Lebanese Lira to the top.
  • The Lebanese army protects the country
  • Solidarity of people of all religions and beliefs
  • The safest country in the world
  • Tourism thrives Lebanon
  • International awards politically, economically, media and art
  • World Championships in various sports
  • Effective activities to restore the life to the nature and paradise of Lebanon
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Author: Ronn

Looking for the real freedom.

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9 months ago

Lebanon’s destructive enemy is religion, its frailty is the dependency, and the real ailment is a cogent ignorance of civilization