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I have never been indoctrinated! I have never really been part of any society. I was never christened, or tied to any religion. Due to health and family issues I rarely attended school and dropped out young. I have never joined a political party, never voted, never worked except as freelance or contractor. I am the quintessential Intrepid freethinker. I live alone in a foreign country, completely independent. I am the one man control group for just about everyone else on the planet. My soul is pure and my mind impartial. I am defined by the mistakes I didn’t make.

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  Pure Free Thought

Posted on: 18 Apr 2022 in A Message to the world

Pure Free Thought.   It is not what we think, but the way we think that matters. Thoughts are ephemeral, constantly shifting, but the type of reasoning one uses only changes in response to extreme circumstances or a result of some kind of training. Training yourself to think more clearly has greater ramifications than you … Continue reading ”  Pure Free Thought”

  Pure Freethinking  by Daemon Goodhope

Posted on: 09 Oct 2021 in Philosophy

Pure freethinking Pure freethinking involves only logic based on observable truth. This lesson is about how to view the world and make a sensible analysis using only pure free thought. First, one must learn not to rely on anything one cannot verify oneself. Can you be absolutely sure a professor is correct, because he is … Continue reading ”  Pure Freethinking  by Daemon Goodhope”