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Posted on: 02 Feb 2019 in Miscellaneous&Philosophy

Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski spoke in an interview with Thrash Talk, and revealed what he thinks about anarchism. Interviewer asked: “You’ve mentioned in other interviews that Satan isn’t to you as closely related to personal freedom and the absence of rules and rulers. You also have the [2000] album ‘Thelema.6,’ which is based on Alister Crowley’s … Continue reading “BEHEMOTH’S NERGAL: HOW I NOTICED THAT I’M A SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM”

God's Existence and Meanings

Posted on: 02 Aug 2018 in Philosophy

Humans imagined that this universe was created as it is, by someone so powerful, so strong, they called It many names, the most famous one is “God”. Let’s find out who or what is this Almighty God Lot of people, prophets, politicians and philosophers had defined God as the almighty, the creator, the all knowing….etc … Continue reading “God's Existence and Meanings”

The Key of the Unlimited Powers

Posted on: 27 Jul 2018 in A Message to the world&Philosophy

Many things can make us pessimistic, powerless and aimless. We live in a world of lies, this is what we learned and this is what we do in order to exist. We want to be better but as social and selfish creatures, we mostly learn and do the wrong things as we sink more and … Continue reading “The Key of the Unlimited Powers”

The joy of Being a Freethinker

Posted on: 02 Apr 2018 in Uncategorized

Most of the time we learn false knowledge from our community, since our childhood. Simply because it was and still widely available. I was lucky to be a freethinker who is more attracted to science since my childhood. And I was lucky to have such wonderful, wise and tolerant parents. I was born in poverty … Continue reading “The joy of Being a Freethinker”

The beginning of Salvation

Posted on: 19 Mar 2018 in A Message to the world&Philosophy&Featured

I’m glad that my articles had readers from more than 60 countries especially from USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, China, Indonesia, Australia, India, all European countries, South Africa, Nigeria, the Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel, I was also surprised and happy by readers from religious countries like Saudi Arabia. Probably we care for freedom, peace, knowledge and … Continue reading “The beginning of Salvation”

The Human Consciousness

Posted on: 16 Mar 2018 in A Message to the world&Philosophy

Let’s first define consciousness Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. But I don’t think that most humans are really conscious in the full meaning, most people live a mass unconsciousness state of mind defined by others and they continue serving the same life without changing anything. … Continue reading “The Human Consciousness”

Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

Posted on: 14 Mar 2018 in News

Stephen Hawking, a genius scientist dies on March 14-3-2018 but he leaves us a great treasure. The last message by Professor Hawking Important Documentaries INTO THE UNIVERSE WITH STEPHEN HAWKING Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design . Did God Create the Universe A Brief Experience: At the age of 21 Stephen Hawking was told by the … Continue reading “Stephen Hawking dies aged 76”

Welcome to

Posted on: 14 Feb 2018 in

February 14th, 2018 the launching date of the social network service is a space for all Freethinkers to communicate and express their creative and free thoughts, they can create their personal or organisation profiles, groups and events, connect with other Freethinkers and share the beautiful and intelligent Freethought. We are here to make a … Continue reading “Welcome to”