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Freedom is the Power

Posted on: 11 Mar 2018 in Featured&News

With the spread of sedition and misleading news on all social sites and instigation of hatred even in societies where peace prevails. Incitement to murder, deception and exploitation of emotions under all slogans. Every age has its disappointments In the age of freedom and development, we witness the exploitation of weak souls by various means, … Continue reading “Freedom is the Power”

Our world needs more care

Posted on: 26 Feb 2018 in A Message to the world&Featured

Some people still misuse nature, and the human emotions and capabilities, and they even misuse knowledge and sciences, where ignorance, ego, superstition and historical epics play the big role. Yet, on the other side, we live in an age of enlightenment, our brave intellectuals took a hard way in order to make a huge knowledge … Continue reading “Our world needs more care”