Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

Stephen Hawking, a genius scientist dies on March 14-3-2018 but he leaves us a great treasure.

The last message by Professor Hawking

Important Documentaries
Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design . Did God Create the Universe

A Brief Experience:
At the age of 21 Stephen Hawking was told by the doctors that he has only few years to live due to motor neurone disease, but he believed that his genius mind and work abilities will not be affected by his disease.

He considers himself lucky to be a theoretical physicist, as he had a great sense of humor and great life achievements.
Stephen Hawking married twice, had 3 children and continued his journey to the age of 76 as a genius scientist and a miracle of the modern world.

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Freedom is the Power

With the spread of sedition and misleading news on all social sites and instigation of hatred even in societies where peace prevails. Incitement to murder, deception and exploitation of emotions under all slogans.

Every age has its disappointments

In the age of freedom and development, we witness the exploitation of weak souls by various means, it’s our duty to warn people and pledge to spread the right news and information away from any political or religious extremism.

We are in a war between repression and freedom,

Freedom is a cosmic force, no one can stop it,

Freedom is subject to ethics and respect,

Freedom is a way of thought and duty.

Remembered that the development of people begins with the thought, if you want to preserve your community, spread thought, not ignorance.