God's Existence and Meanings

Humans imagined that this universe was created as it is, by someone so powerful, so strong, they called It many names, the most famous one is “God”.

Let’s find out who or what is this Almighty God

Lot of people, prophets, politicians and philosophers had defined God as the almighty, the creator, the all knowing….etc

For thousands of years, people used the idea of God to gain power and authority.

But as everything else it got complicated and lead to a lot of problems. And as a freethinker I have the right to talk about this sensitive topic, with honesty and courage, and give you simple answers for brainwashing questions that I hear over and over and I’m ready to answer other “tricky” questions as well, when necessary.

A- Belief, Imagination, Convincing, Science & Reality

Belief is sometimes beautiful, when the results are beautiful.

Belief & Imagination

Some people see/imagine God in everything, I’m not against belief since it can give satisfaction, motivation and relief. But there is a huge difference between blind belief, self-relief, logic and scientific reality.

Problems we get of blind belief.

1- Bloody history (and present).

2- Ignorance and scientific decline.

3- Fanaticism

4- Obligations and slavery

…. etc


I know that it’s difficult to convince a blind believer for 2 main reasons:

1 – people prefer imagination over scientific facts.

2 – it’s a widely spread human social phenomenon.

But the good news is that these complications are getting more clear with time.


Some people say God created science, but science is just the opposite of religion and supernatural. Science is the observation of reality and how it works, it needs no God no praying and no religion.


It’s hard to understand, but once this happens, it gives the ultimate relief, confidence and wisdom.

B- Silly, but tricky questions that people use so often in order to prove God’s existence

Usually I don’t waste my time answering silly questions, but I’m fed of hearing the same questions again and again so I decided to answer them once and for all.

Silly Question Number 1:

Who created this wonderful world?

This tricky question is already formed in a way that will give a prejudiced answer. “Who” simply indicates a personality.

Only our human imagination is the reason for this “who” question, but it does not necessarily indicate the existence of a personal creator.

Our observable Universe existed billions of years before this idea of God has ever existed.

If we ask this question in a different and a more logical and scientific way, we will definitely get different answers.

More Logical Questions:

How was the Universe created?

What are the scientific facts behind this creation?

How do living beings and humans evolve?

What is creation anyway?

A Simple Answer

This world and this existence are already wonderful, infinite and miraculous.

Silly question number 2

How can all this happen by chance?

Yes a very tricky question, even though we live in a world of chances.

A simple answer

It’s a series of chances, probabilities, randomness, chaos and order.

These are the key aspects of this miraculas and unstoppable Existence, that for hundreds but thousands of years, our scientists had studied in order to offer us a precious science: mathematics, physics, astronomy and biology for those who want to understand.

– Silly question number 3

Can you create a world like this?

Again let’s ask this question in a different way. Can your God seize this world from existing? Can he change it? can he stop all wars? can he make all humans wise?

I think that one day humans will be able to create a better world than this, or even destroy the whole world.

A simple answer

Neither God can. This world is evolving without the interference of any supernatural.

– Another silly question

Do you know everything?

No one knows everything. Only God knows everything.

Again let me ask you a different question: Does your God really know everything? What scientific facts did he offer through religions?

A Simple Answer

That’s why scientists and intellectuals did a great effort in order to discover more, to know more, to find answers for almost everything that we need to know and they made a huge difference. And the ultimate knowledge is still in progress.

Knowledge is now available for everyone, here on the internet, between your hands.

– Yet another silly question:

A ship a mug a tv or any product needs a creator (or let’s say producer), so how can this huge wonderful universe form by itself.

This question is more than silly and ambiguous, a TV for example took many years, many scientits and technologists to develop and produce. Does this mean that a God or many gods created this world? :p

Does this mean that I’m a product of a brand by some God’s factory.

Logical questions instead

The huge wonderful world. Isn’t it unlimited? Are billions of years, billions of possibilities enough to create this world and all these silly people whose brains are getting smaller in the last thousand years.

A simple answer

Why not? Modern studies have aswered all these questions: how do galaxies, planets, mountains, living beings, our human world, our information and even our religions were formed, evolved and still are doing. And how the human brain is in a reverse evolution process.

– And finally the most silly question:

Can You Prove that God doesn’t Exist

Many atheists and even huge and adorable scientists say that they can’t prove the nonexistence of something that doesn’t exist.

A Simple Answer

After all, existence is the essential key reference of this question, that already defines the answer:

Existence simply defines everything that exists, there is no reason for some God to create it, then to prove or not to be able to prove His own existence, or probably to hide for the rest of time, and leave this world to continue creating it’s own self.

This world is the creation of an infinite series of incidents, until the big explosion of our human interference that “God” as an entity has nothing to do with it.

God as a Natural Consciousness

Existence is an ultimate war between good and evil. Where good and evil are relative.

They are a homogeneous reaction and a natural balance, they existed before we defined them, together they create, exactly like negative and positive. Without Evil, there was never good and vise versa.

Good and Evil are incidents not gods

They are not personal gods, they are natural incidents of this existence and they can have infinite and unpredictable possibilities, thus creating infinite results, the last is our human world that is still evolving and creating.

C- More Huge Answers: Learn science

Everything in this world evolves, the stars, the planets life and even our human world, our thought, our culture, our science and our intelligence.

D – The meaning of God

Different religions have given different meanings and had explained different personalities of God.

But mostly these meaning were imaginary excuses to prove something else, and they lead to a lot of catastrophes.

God is not a master of slavery.

God is not the creator of this existence.

God is not almighty.

And God is not the absolute good that we imagine.

God is flexible and simple, it’s a motive and a result of our acts, it’s a definition that we create, it exists in us, whenever we want. It’s a symbol of creativity, freedom, optimism, good doing, power, continuity and eternity.

And God should keep this ultimate meaning, else ignorance will continue in our societies for more thousands of years to come.

The Key of the Unlimited Powers

Many things can make us pessimistic, powerless and aimless. We live in a world of lies, this is what we learned and this is what we do in order to exist. We want to be better but as social and selfish creatures, we mostly learn and do the wrong things as we sink more and more, till we end at the bottom of our lies and never reach our real aim.

Many became famous, “great”, adorable and powerful because they lied, killed, won wars and authority. But in reality we know that they suck.

With the absence of Freethought in people’s  minds and education, they get obsessed of things that make their life worse.

Imagine the  chaos that we are still living in:

  • A history written by blood.
  • Countries built by envy.
  • Heroes of enormous crimes.
  • Politics made of lies.
  • Gods that we created out of our illusions, to control people’s and our lives.

Thousands of years of slow human mind evolution have passed, yet we are a huge but the most essential part of this creative evolution.

That was how they win, but how do we win?

We live in an unlimited world of opportunities, no limits for our creativity, achievements, happiness, honesty, power and winning and we have the right to chose our way of success.

Power is not arms, winning doesn’t necessary need arms or guns.

Power is not our nationality, I knew the most stupid people with the most reputable nationalities.

Power is definitely not politics, we already know that it’s a game of lies, people have hopes in ignorants who enslave them, but we are the conscious creatures of this current world, our consciousness is our new aquired power.

Also, it’s not money, making money can be an easy game, not more. It’s just another god that we created in order to enslave ourselves and others. It makes us slaves and enables us to deal with or buy other slaves. With a lot of money we can only buy fake things, but with wisdom we can earn much more.

We have witnessed a lot of disasters, but our existence is still so beautiful as we have more responsibilities trying to make things better.

I’m happy that I live in an age where people can finally understand their weird reality. We are ready to change, evolve, gain more powers and have better goals. We are intellectuals who are gaining more wisdom. This is our special power, this is how we won ourselves and this makes us ready to win an ethical and a powerful world.

The beginning of Salvation

I’m glad that my articles had readers from more than 60 countries especially from USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, China, Indonesia, Australia, India, all European countries, South Africa, Nigeria, the Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel, I was also surprised and happy by readers from religious countries like Saudi Arabia.

Probably we care for freedom, peace, knowledge and progress more than anything else, that’s why we are here.

Freethought is the key of peace

During the last few years, we experience a huge conversion towards freethought, it is surely the near future of the human thought.

As knowledge spreads, constraints fall and freedom and peace prevail.

Science is the knowledge of our reality

Gods and demons do nothing, what keeps us creative and alive is the progress of our knowledge, what mostly kills people is ignorance.

As religions and politics win and fail, science always builds it’s way.

Free your mind, look to the truth, that scientists and freethinkers reveal for you.

We have experienced this free and true knowledge, what we do is simply what any responsible brother, sister, parent or leader must do!

We spread science, defend freedom, and expect something good and beautiful.


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The Human Consciousness

Let’s first define consciousness

Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.

But I don’t think that most humans are really conscious in the full meaning, most people live a mass unconsciousness state of mind defined by others and they continue serving the same life without changing anything.

The human consciousness works awkwardly most of the time

Most humans think with their emotions rather than logic, reason and science,
most humans utilize their brain capacities for stupid things,
most humans dream more than they achieve,
most humans follow more than they lead,
most humans care mostly for problems rather than solutions,
and most humans simply live the same lie.

Humans don’t even know why do they exist and what is waiting for them in an awkward world created by humans themselves.

Consciousness is a part of our thinking

Thinking is an act of our our human brain, that brain is a developed part of our body, it serves this body and works as a gate between us and our environment including our human world.

This miraculous gate has developed great skills:

High reaction speed,

ability to interact and make use of our environment

advanced communication abilities,

ability to learn

and a great capacity of memory.

Our own human experience

The human mind takes a long time, sometimes it may take generations to learn and develop something new.

But it’s all in our thought, once the human mind learns something new it adapts, converts and begins a new journey in seconds.


Positive nihilism

Human existence is scary and confusing. A few hundred thousand years ago, we became conscious and found ourselves in a strange place. It was filled with other beings. We could eat some; some could eat us. There was liquid stuff we could drink; things we could use to make more things. The daytime sky had a tiny yellow ball that warmed our skin. The night sky was filled with beautiful lights. This place was obviously made for us. Something was watching over us. We were home. This made everything much less scary and confusing. But the older we got, the more we learned about the world and ourselves. We learned that the twinkling lights are not shining beautifully for us, they just are. We learned that we’re not at the center of what we now call the universe, and that it is much, much older and bigger than we thought.

We learned that we’re made of many little dead things, which make up bigger things that are not dead, for some reason, and that we’re just another temporary stage in a history going back over billions of years. We learned, in awe, that we live on a moist speck of dust moving around a medium-sized star in a quiet region of one arm of an average galaxy, which is part of a galaxy group that we will never leave. And this group is only one of thousands that, together, make up a galaxy super-cluster. But even our super-cluster is only one in thousands that make up what we call the observable universe. The universe might be a million times bigger, but we will never know.

We can throw words around like two hundred million galaxies or trillions of stars or bazillions of planets,but all of these numbers mean nothing. Our brains can’t comprehend these concepts. The universe is too big. There is too much of it.

But size is not the most troubling concept we have to deal with. It’s time, or, more precisely, the time we have. If you’re lucky enough to live to one hundred, you have five thousand two hundred weeks at your disposal. If you’re twenty-five now, then you have three thousand nine hundred weeks left. If you’re going to die at seventy, then there are two thousand three hundred and forty weeks left -a lot of time, but also … not really. And then what? Your biological processes will break down, and the dynamic pattern that is you will stop being dynamic. It will dissolve until there is no you left. Some believe that there is a part of us we can’t see or measure, but we have no way to find out, so this life might be it and we might end up dead forever.

This is less scary than it sounds, though. If you don’t remember the 13.75 billion years that went by before you existed, then the trillions and trillions and trillions of years that come after will pass in no time once you’re gone. Close your eyes. Count to 1. That’s how long forever feels.

And as far as we know, in the end, the universe itself will die and nothing will ever change again.

Now you might ask what’s positive about all this? Let’s counter existential dread with optimistic nihilism.

What do I mean by that?

Well, to summarize, it seems very unlikely that 200 trillion trillion stars have been made for us. In a way, it feels like the cruelest joke in existence has been played on us. We became self-aware only to realize this story is not about us. While it is great to know about electrons and the powerhouse of the cell, Science doesn’t do a lot to make this less depressing. Okay, but so what? You only get one shot at life, which is scary, but it also sets you free. Every humiliation you suffer in your life will be forgotten. Every mistake you made will not matter in the end. Every bad thing you did will be voided. If our life is all we get to experience, then it’s the only thing that matters. If the universe has no principles, the only principles relevant are the ones we decide on. If the universe has no purpose, then we get to dictate what its purpose is. Humans will most certainly cease to exist at some point, but before we do, we get to explore ourselves and the world around us. We get to experience feelings. We get to experience food, books, sunrises, and being with each other. The fact that we’re even able to think about these things is already kind of incredible. It’s easy to think of ourselves as separated from everything, but this is not true. We are as much the universe as a neutron star or a black hole or a nebula. Even better, actually, we are its thinking and feeling part, the center organs of the universe.

We are truly free in a universe-sized playground, so we might as well aim to be happy and to build some kind of utopia in the stars. It’s not as if we’ve found out everything there is to know we don’t know why the rules of the universe are as they are, how life came into existence, what life is. We have no idea what consciousness is or if we are alone in the universe. But we can try to find some answers.
There are billions of stars to visit, diseases to cure, people to help, happy feelings to be experienced,
and video games to finish. There is so much to do.

So, wrapping up, you’ve probably used up a good chunk of the time available to you.
If this is our one shot at life, there is no reason not to have fun and live as happy as possible.
Bonus points if you made the life of other people better. More bonus points if you help build a galactic human empire.

Do the things that make you feel good.
You get to decide whatever this means for you.


Source: http://kurzgesagt.org


What is Stoicism and can it actually help?

Do you know that A Stanford study found that 30 mins of complaining (even listening to it) is damaging to the brain. Complaining, whether online or in person, is just as harmful as secondhand smoke. We tell ourselves that we need to get it off our chest, but each time we do, we end up ten times more aggravated.

Who knew that 30 minuets of complaining has a damage equivalent to smoking right? Well the Stoics since ancient Greek and Roman times, knew the damage of being negative and complaining all the time, and they created Stoicism to guide people in their lives and help them become better people, people that are positive and happy. Stoicism simply helps you guide your emotions, and throughout time it helped allot of leaders, revolutionary men, scientists, adventurists, explorers and many more.

Now let me get into detail and explain Stoicism to you.

Here are 4 of the most effective and practical mental exercise/meditations that Stoics use:

Method One: A view from above

‘You can rid yourself of many useless things among those that disturb you, for they lie entirely in your imagination; and you will then gain for yourself ample space by comprehending the whole universe in your mind, and by contemplating the eternity of time, and observing the rapid change of every part of everything, how short is the time from birth to dissolution, and the illimitable time before birth as well as the equally boundless time after dissolution’

– Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius (super cool guy btw) advises us to perform an exercise called ‘view from above’. This exercise involves us envisioning ourselves from the third person. In this vision, we zoom out while keeping ourselves in the center. We continue zooming out and contemplating the scale of the universe. For instance, your first zoom might encompass a view of you from above the roof of your house. Increase the magnitude and you might see a view of your street, increase the magnitude and you might see a view of your country. Keep going until you can picture a view of Earth from the stars.

With this scale, we can gain a better perspective on the insignificance of our problems. When compared to the universe whatever problems we might have appear incredibly trivial. For instance, if you were feeling down because a girl flaked on you or someone insulted you, try this exercise. It is far easier to overcome the emotional hurdles we experience when we put things into perspective.

Method Two: Negative visualization

‘Remember that all we have is “on loan” from Fortune, which can reclaim it without our permission—indeed, without even advance notice. Thus, we should love all our dear ones, but always with the thought that we have no promise that we may keep them forever—nay, no promise even that we may keep them for long.’

– Seneca

Negative visualization despite the name is an exercise that will increase your default level of happiness if practised consistently.The exercise consists of you envisioning what it would feel like if you lost certain things from your life. Some of the things that you could consider during the exercise are:

• How it would feel to not have a roof over your head.

• How it would feel to lose social status.

• How it would feel to live in a third world country.

• How it would feel to have a physical disability.

• How it would feel to lose a loved one.

This exercise is not meant to be dark or morbid, it’s meant to put things into perspective. Allowing you to see how lucky you truly are. It also prepares you for the worst case scenarios in which one of these things does happen. You are not meant to fixate on these thoughts, but consider them from time to time.

This is a very practical way for you to practice gratitude, naturally, when you consider things being removed from your life, you start to gain a sense of gratitude. Now gratitude is important because of a thing called ‘hedonic adaptation’, basically, it’s a term that defines the tendency for humans to always go back to their default level of happiness.

If you won the lotto and became a millionaire, your base level of happiness will increase for a while. However, when you become accustomed to the lifestyle, despite all the new toys, you will return to your base level. Gratitude breaks this pattern, allowing you to enjoy each step on the ladder. You can be grateful when you own a box, and you can be grateful when you own a Lamborghini Avendator.

Method Three: Voluntary Discomfort

‘But neither a bull nor a noble-spirited man comes to be what he is all at once; he must undertake hard winter training, and prepare himself, and not propel himself rashly into what is not appropriate to him’

– Epictetus

The last exercise has been advised to us by Epictetus. It is called ‘voluntary discomfort’. In this exercise, we are going to deliberately put ourselves through uncomfortable situations. We will do this in order to train ourselves to not hold onto comfort with such high regard. We can perform voluntary discomfort in a number of ways. Some suggestions are:

• Cold Showers

• NoFap

• Exercising in the morning

• Walking in the cold without a jumper

• Fasting for a day

• Sleeping on the floor

All these things will change your relationship with comfort. Once you overcome the need for comfort, life will become much easier. Setting your goals and sticking to them will be far easier. When most people complain about being ‘uncomfortable’, you won’t be able to relate. You are literally training yourself to be like a Navy Seal. This method will harden you up for life.

Eventually shit will hit the fan at some stage during your life. You want to have to mental and physical fortitude to weather the storm.

So those are the three stoic exercises. Stoicism is a practical philosophy that has survived the test of time due to its universal applications. If you practice these stoic meditations, you will be well on your way to the good life.

Method Four: Worry only of what you can control

Now personally I think this method is very important, since most of use worry or get mad about stuff that are not in our control. Epictetus proclaims that our most important choice in life is to decide whether to concern ourselves with the external or internal.

Most of us choose the former. We believe that our environment possesses what is good and what is bad.

The stoics believed that all benefits and harm come from inside of us. That we must give up rewards of the external world to gain tranquility, freedom and calm.

They believed that desire by default makes us unhappy because we want something we don’t have. That happiness and desire for what is present is impossible.

The technique they used to manage this unforgiving truth is to change your desires, not the world around you. To convince ourselves out of desires in our environment, the stoics pronounced that our primary desire should be to prevent frustration from forming desires we won’t be able to fulfil.

Epictetus illustrated this idea with a model named the ‘Dichotomy of Control’. The dichotomy is a simple truth quite easily forgotten — that some things are up to us and some things aren’t.

Only focus on the things that are in our control.


Well if you are one of those people that scroll down the article and skim whatever is written in it then here is a video that explains Stoicism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9OCA6UFE-0

However reading is much better than watching videos, I might create an article explaining why!