Why gun rights are more important than ever

We can not let our rights further erode. We must stand up to tyrants, who line their pockets with gold while we deal with their new laws. We have a morale obligation to make sure our rights are preserved, for us and out childern.

They want to say the constitution is not absolute, first they take the second,then the first, until they’ve taken all of them.

There are tyrants on both sides who want to take our rights, our rights to guns,our rights to marry who we want,our rights to free speech, and our rights to freedom.

Don’t think the government is on your side,they will and have killed for any reason they deem they need to.

Just look at the new patriot act their trying to pass in congress, restricting privacy online.

I have four words for the people who want to take my rights away: try and take it.

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