Pure Free Thought

Pure Free Thought.


It is not what we think, but the way we think that matters. Thoughts are ephemeral, constantly shifting, but the type of reasoning one uses only changes in response to extreme circumstances or a result of some kind of training. Training yourself to think more clearly has greater ramifications than you might imagine. Actions are usually the results of thoughts, and vice versa. Changing  your way of thinking, will change the way you behave. Clear thoughts lead to more positive outcomes, and positive outcomes make it easier to think clearly. This does not just affect you, but everyone around you. Good sense is infectious. The opposite effect can be seen with muddy thinking which leads to confusion and indecision, which in turns leads to poorly considered actions. Here we have two circles of consciousness, the virtuous circle of clear thinking, the vicious circle of opaque thinking. The two are quite separate and cause movement in opposite directions. The first is the path of evolution and progress, the second the path to decline. You cannot go both ways at once both at once.  The same is true of society.


The truth stands alone. It does not need to be separated from falsehood. There is no truth in falsehood, and no falsehood in truth. ‘Grey’ areas are an artificial concept created by dark leaders to confuse the unwary. Truth and falsehood cannot mix and that which is ‘part true’ is really just falsehood. Yet, truth can never accurately be defined, as no measure is truly accurate. That a kilo weight, weighs, very nearly one kilo, is a true statement. That a kilo weight weighs exactly one kilo is not. An exact kilo weight is only possible in the world of mathematics. In the phenomenal world truth is always an approximation. This is why quantifiers are vital in free thinking.


Each class of objects has its own parameters of truth according to its usage. The kilo weights used by traders are not as accurate as the ones used in a laboratory. The difference in size of eggs is a very  important issue, but one easily solved. Three nice little ‘rule of thumb’ quantifiers; small, medium and large do the job perfectly.   As long as there are chickens there will always  be eggs and eggs can always be graded as small, medium and large. Provided an object is within the parameters required by its use that is good enough. Objects, or ideas used with the correct quantifier are like little nuggets of truth.


Quantifiers can be as accurate as needed. A barrel of beer should be almost ‘completely’ full and , ‘not quite full’ is not good enough. Then we must go into further detail. How much less than full are they? Time for a statistic; say, 20% less.  Many people  mistake a statistic for a real number, there are exact percentages of course, but mostly they are not used that way. 75% is just a way of saying ‘most’, 90% is the same as ‘nearly all and so on. The important thing is not to confuse real mathematical percentages and a quantifier percentage. 20% off must mean what it says, but 75% of people support the government will be an approximation. In the media a percentage is really just a flag to wave and its connection to reality is not that important.


I have read in many times that there are tribes who don’t use numbers. They count up to ten then everything is else is ‘many’. I bet, they use quantifiers though. A hunter comes back to village and says “There many antelopes on the ridge”. The other hunters ask if there are a lot than more yesterday. The first replies, ‘not a lot, two, three.’ With accurate quantifiers and just few numbers you find out the truth you need to know.


The truth is not defined by exact measure but  by the nature of a thing.  No two apples are identical, but they are still apples. An apple is an apple and can never be a peach. There is no one measure of ‘appleness’, and you cannot say one apple has 75% ‘appleness’ and another only 65%. Color, size, fragrance, texture and flavor define an apple. The problem of defining an apple is easily solved, pick it up and take a bite. Truth is still an absolute even though you cannot define it exactly and just because someone tells you an orange is an apple does not make it in any way true.

Now we see that truth is question of sovereignty. Each thing, each creature, each plant is sovereign, that is how we tell them apart. I do not need to measure my friend to know who he is. It is from the ‘wholeness’ of something that we confirm it’s identity. This is quite different to computers. Computer face recognition depends on measurements. This serves the purpose of basic identification, but tells little more. The computer can only what it is programmed to find. When I recognize someone as a whole being I can draw a wealth of information from my observation, not just what I looking for. That is the beauty of sovereignty like truth, it can never be accurately defined, but it is all the more real because of that.





On Belonging

Greetings fellow diasporan peoples,

Are you having feelings of longing, of rootlessness, of despair?

You have been driven far away from your post-colonial environments, innocent beings being played like pawns by an innocent system.

Don’t worry dear diasporan peoples, we have each other.

We are tribes.
We’ve always been.

Distance doesn’t separate our souls.



Easter Celebration – From A Humanist and Scientific Perspective

During this time of celebration, progressive Christians and non-Christians worldwide are still contemplating on what some people still consider the greatest sacrifice of all times – Jesus died for the sins of the world and his alleged resurrection. Although this may be something insignificant and for many people even absurd, could this be a metaphor for something of immense scientific proportions?

Jesus or the narrative of Jesus is the foundation of Western civilization which brought us science, technology, medicine and all the fascinating life enhancers we have around today. Nevertheless, science provides us the realistic and good and “evil” truth combination about sacrificing a life for the sins of others so that they could truly be saved! One doesn’t have to look too hard to find such evidence; all experimental labs using the mouse model are proof of great sacrifices where millions of mice give up their lives in exchange for that of humans. Millions and perhaps billions of humans have been saved and resurrected to a new life due to their own sins and sins of other humans; health and lifestyle, abuse, neglect, crime, violence and a lot more. As science came to stay with us for good as Jesus does in many ways, we should always take time to celebrate both of their uncounted miracles and enjoy a happy Easter.

Certainly many of us, Christians or not, have heard talks and presentations on various parallels of certain Bible characters or perhaps common people throughout history in regards to how they were / are born to be a “type” of Jesus, sacrificing their life for the benefit of others. For those of us that enjoy religious or secular metaphors, when it comes to science, sacrifices are a necessary evil which must happen in order for us to be saved from our many sins. Among the many sacrifices performed in scientific labs, mice are the greatest and most valuable offerings because of their genetic similarity to humans and their overall practicality. Millions of them are sacrificed worldwide in order to save people that sinned, sin at this moment (especially with all the food from Easter meals and the extra cholesterol from eggs) and will sin in the future (lack of exercise, pollution, stress, etc.). The most important health related discoveries and the best new drugs and medicine produced are the result of their great sacrifices.

Although the word sacrifice comes from religion, there’s nothing religious about sacrificing a mouse and certainly no one prays to a mouse for forgiveness, nor sings songs of thanks and adoration to it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do so instead of any human imagination called a god?

The profound and touching experience I get from my research studies in cancer biology is that each and every time I receive a batch of new mice for my studies, I know they were born and pre-destined for a life of torture and sacrifice so that the many lives of humans could be saved in a literal and not a symbolic sense and have another chance at this truly and amazing thing we call life. As I watch the mice’ tumors grow and get bigger, their health getting worse, hear their pain and affliction for our sins going on for weeks or months, there’s no doubt in my mind they suffer terribly as they give up their lives for many of us to save us from our sins, much like Jesus did.

Science and technology cannot yet show us how to produce life, let alone create complex human life at this stage in our existence and evolution. It is why we consider life of both humans and animals special and something we should cherish, value and celebrate. Some of us certainly cherish life, whereas others do not, not even their own, for if they would, they will take better care of themselves and other fellow humans, including the environment they live in. Perhaps they take another metaphor the wrong way. They feel that just like “Jesus” died for your sins no matter what you do and rose again, science and medicine will save you over and over again, no matter what your sins may be, kind of like Jesus does. Thus, why worry so much when you can enjoy life and sin a little?

There’s a good chance science and technology will forgive even some of your gravest sins! But why commit them in the first place if you have a conscience? Oh, but that is one of the greatest problems and the most interesting intersectionality of religion and science. We often hear of preachers, priests and other religious personalities committing all kinds of grave sins (money laundering, sexual misconduct, etc. etc.), having lifestyles completely opposite of what they preach. Likewise, many scientists and healthcare providers live some of the unhealthiest lifestyles themselves. You’d think both parties should behave or do better! Thus, the essence of this metaphor is, why not become better people, non-believers and believers alike, especially those in the public sphere or high positions where others look up to them? Why not treat ourselves better, be more ethical and live healthier lives so that no one must be sacrificed on our behalf? As scientists we hope we do not have to sacrifice the life of lab specimen in order to save that of humans, but if we do not have other means, we must resort to this unfortunate, yet, amazing procedure which makes the exchange of life or restitution possible in a way that in my humble opinion religion cannot and will never accomplish.

We now can grow limbs and organs in the laboratory and if human limbs and organs will be successfully grown in the future and be able to cure cancer and other diseases, we may cease the sacrificing of various lab models all together. Such a revolution is a step forward in ethics and morals that only science can bring about. We can also perform all kinds of organ transplants, and someday we may be in a place with no more physical pain and suffering; perhaps we might even bring humans back from death. But if ever, it is science and technology that will take us there as we do not have much evidence that religion ever will. As many folks believe that Jesus was born to save us, some could certainly use this as a metaphor to save themselves from an intellectual death and start a new life, through science, technology and common sense. As this is the only life we know of and are sure of living while we still have it, Easter could be a good way to remind at least some of us about the greatest sacrifices and resurrections done through the miracles of science. They give many humans a chance to a new and better life while saving them from both a physical and intellectual illness and death and resurrecting them to a new life, a life truly worth living.


The Key for the Unlimited Powers

Many things can make us pessimistic, powerless and aimless. We live in a world of lies, this is what we learned and this is what we do in order to exist. We want to be better but as social and selfish creatures, we mostly learn and do the wrong things as we sink more and more, till we end at the bottom of our lies and never reach our real aim.

Many became famous, „great“, adorable and powerful because they lied, killed, won wars and authority. But in reality we know that they suck.

With the absence of Freethought in people’s  minds and education, they get obsessed of things that make their life worse.

Imagine the  chaos that we are still living in:

  • A history written by blood.
  • Countries built by envy.
  • Heroes of enormous crimes.
  • Politics made of lies.
  • Gods that we created out of our illusions, to control people’s and our lives.

Thousands of years of slow human mind evolution have passed, yet we are a huge but the most essential part of this creative evolution.

That was how they win, but how do we win?

We live in an unlimited world of opportunities, no limits for our creativity, achievements, happiness, honesty, power and winning and we have the right to chose our way of success.

Power is not arms, winning doesn’t necessary need arms or guns.

Power is not our nationality, I knew the most stupid people with the most reputable nationalities.

Power is definitely not politics, we already know that it’s a game of lies, people have hopes in ignorants who enslave them, but we are the conscious creatures of this current world, our consciousness is our new aquired power.

Also, it’s not money, making money can be an easy game, not more. It’s just another god that we created in order to enslave ourselves and others. It makes us slaves and enables us to deal with or buy other slaves. With a lot of money we can only buy fake things, but with wisdom we can earn much more.

We have witnessed a lot of disasters, but our existence is still so beautiful as we have more responsibilities trying to make things better.

I’m happy that I live in an age where people can finally understand their weird reality. We are ready to change, evolve, gain more powers and have better goals. We are intellectuals who are gaining more wisdom. This is our special power, this is how we won ourselves and this makes us ready to win an ethical and a powerful world.

The beginning of Salvation

I’m glad that my articles had readers from more than 60 countries especially from USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, China, Indonesia, Australia, India, all European countries, South Africa, Nigeria, the Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel, I was also surprised and happy by readers from religious countries like Saudi Arabia.

Probably we care for freedom, peace, knowledge and progress more than anything else, that’s why we are here.

Freethought is the key of peace

During the last few years, we experience a huge conversion towards freethought, it is surely the near future of the human thought.

As knowledge spreads, constraints fall and freedom and peace prevail.

Science is the knowledge of our reality

Gods and demons do nothing, what keeps us creative and alive is the progress of our knowledge, what mostly kills people is ignorance.

As religions and politics win and fail, science always builds it’s way.

Free your mind, look to the truth, that scientists and freethinkers reveal for you.

We have experienced this free and true knowledge, what we do is simply what any responsible brother, sister, parent or leader must do!

We spread science, defend freedom, and expect something good and beautiful.


Please share our articles and help translating them to your language.

The Human Consciousness

Let’s first define consciousness

Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.

But I don’t think that most humans are conscious in the full meaning, most people live a mass unconsciousness state of mind defined by others and they continue serving the same life without changing anything. Until someone else or some incident change their lives, sometimes to the better, other times to the worst.

The human consciousness works awkwardly most of the time

Most humans think with their emotions rather than logic, as their leaders or stupid community use this weakness to the farthest extent.
Most humans utilize their brain capacities for stupid things,
most humans dream more than they achieve,
most humans follow more than they lead,
most humans care for problems more than solutions,
and most humans simply live the same lie. Until they are obligued to change.

Humans don’t even know why they exist and what awaits them in an awkward world created by humans themselves.

Consciousness is a part of our thinking

Thinking is an act of our our human brain, the brain is a developed part of our body, it serves this body and works as a gate between us and our environment including our human world.

This miraculous gate has developed great skills:

High reaction speed,

ability to interact and make use of our environment

advanced communication abilities,

ability to learn

and a great capacity of memory.

Also scientists say that it is shrinking in the last thousand years. Of course because most people are not using it well, they prefer to live a stupid life.

Our own human experience

The human mind takes a long time, sometimes it may take generations to learn and develop something new.

But it’s all in our thought, once the human mind learns something new it adapts, converts and begins a new journey in seconds.


Our world needs more care

Some people still misuse nature, and the human emotions and capabilities, and they even misuse knowledge and sciences, where ignorance, ego, superstition and historical epics play the big role.

Yet, on the other side, we live in an age of enlightenment, our brave intellectuals took a hard way in order to make a huge knowledge available for those who are seeking it.

We can learn from our sciences, cultures and history, we can think freely and we can redefine everything.

We can be wise, moral,  helpful, strong and peaceful.

We can unite under the laws of respect, peace and freedom.

We can think positive.

We can work and progress.

We can spread knowledge.

We can overcome our problems.

We can be special and different.

We can do miracles.