Who are the Freethinkers

Here you will find the simplest answers regarding the Freethinkers.

  • What is a Freethinker?

    Freethinker is the one who frees his mind from negative or delusive thoughts, thus accepts logic and reason as the basis of free thinking.

  • What is Freethought?

    Freethought is the simple philosophy of freethinkers, it is a natural consequence of logic and it develops with the development of science and community.

  • What do We Rely on?

    We rely on the simplicity and logic of this miraculous life, for this we understand it well, and live it to the fullest. We appreciate the meanings of freedom, peace, love, happiness, art, science, power and progress. We realize the value and importance of ourselves and all the beautiful things that form our beloved world, not because of its perfection, but because of our strong need for each other.

    We are an important and integral part of this huge world and its prosperous future.

  • What do We Believe in?

    We believe in practicing our best, for our beloved world and everyone living in it.

    We believe in the Wisdom of this Existence that we represent a big part of it.

  • What are Our Huge Goals?

    The world needs us, we exist to make our impact.

    We gather as intellectuals from all over the world in order to present and discuss our knowledge, help each other and help our world to be a better place, throughout our miraculous minds.

    freethinkers.com is a social website for Freethinkers to communicate from different countries, have intellectual friends, create groups and events, post their views and share news and links, discuss, learn, help, progress, benefit from our diversity and represent our beautiful world.

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