The Key of the Unlimited Powers

Many things can make us pessimistic, powerless and aimless. We live in a world of lies, this is what we ...
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The joy of Being a Freethinker

Most of the time we learn false knowledge from our community, since our childhood. Simply because it was and still ...
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The Human Consciousness

Let's first define consciousness Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. But ...
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The beginning of Salvation
Freedom is the Power
Our world needs more care
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The beginning of the end of the Syrian crisis

(Translated from Arabic) The cooperation of the Syrian and Russian armies leads to back control most of Syrian regions from ...
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Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

Stephen Hawking, a genius scientist dies on March 14-3-2018 but he leaves us a great treasure. The last message by ...
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Freedom is the Power

With the spread of sedition and misleading news on all social sites and instigation of hatred even in societies where ...
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