Do you believe in yourself?

John Manson asked 3 years ago

The first ever question that people ask a freethinker: Do you believe in God?
But the first question I want to ask: Do you believe in yourself?

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fred replied 10 months ago

Every person has a minimum level of confidence in himself. The percentage varies from person to person, from one level of education to another, and from one community to another and a social environment to another. But this is not an important question as much as the following: What is the benefit of self-confidence if not accompanied by thinking? And how can there be self-confidence apart from thinking mechanism? As a result, the mind is the primary tool, and nothing else. In conclusion, DO WE HAVE MIND, the answer is simply YES. If so, then THINK.

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Ronn Staff answered 3 years ago

I believe that huge things are made of simpler ones with great values, I also believe in a huge wonderful world, but it has no meaning without our existence.

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