God's Existence and Meanings

Humans imagined that this universe was created as it is, by someone so powerful, so strong, they called It many names, the most famous one is "God".

Let's find out who or what is this Almighty God

Lot of people, prophets, politicians and philosophers had defined God as the almighty, the creator, the all knowing....etc

For thousands of years, people used the idea of God to gain power and authority.

But as everything else it got complicated and lead to a lot of problems. And as a freethinker I have the right to talk about this sensitive topic, with honesty and courage, and give you simple answers for brainwashing questions that I hear over and over and I'm ready to answer other "tricky" questions as well, when necessary.

A- Belief, Imagination, Convincing, Science & Reality

Belief is sometimes beautiful, when the results are beautiful.

Belief & Imagination

Some people see/imagine God in everything, I'm not against belief since it can give satisfaction, motivation and relief. But there is a huge difference between faith, blind belief, self-relief, logic and scientific reality.

Problems we get of blind belief.

1- Bloody history (and present).

2- Ignorance and scientific decline.

3- Fanaticism

4- Obligations and slavery

.... etc


I know that it's difficult to convince a blind believer for 2 main reasons:

1 - people prefer imagination over scientific facts.

2 - that's what religion is about: a widely spread social human belief.

But the good news is that most complications are getting more clear with time.


Some people say God created science, but science is just the opposite of religion and supernatural. Science is the observation of reality and how it works, it needs no God interventions no praying and no religion.


It's hard to understand, but once this happens, it gives the ultimate relief, confidence and wisdom.

B- Silly, but tricky questions that people use so often in order to prove their specific God's existence

Usually I don't waste my time answering silly questions, but I'm fed of hearing the same questions again and again so I decided to answer them once and for all.

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