A Cultural Revolution

On the night of October the 17th of 2019, riots broke-out throughout a small country called Lebanon, however these riots weren’t just like any other riot that usually happens, they were a special kind of riots, people were crazy most of them were young misguided angry Lebanese youth, they were rioting against oppression injustice and a huge looming economical recession. Most of them including me had this urge to destroy and vandalize their country, and they actually did that in the nights of the 17th and 18th of October.

Most Lebanese people were rooting for the youth to go forward with such acts!

Now you might ask how come the people of Lebanon are with burning the hell out of their nation, shouldn’t we be patriotic?, or at least have a little sense of nationalism and duty to serve our nation?

This wan’t the case on those two dreadful yet beautiful nights. People especially the youth were fed up from all the lies that they were being told since their childhood, that Lebanon is a great nation and that we should be proud of our history.

People finally realized that history is in the past, that we should look forward to a brighter future, to a future were all people from different backgrounds, ethnicity, and religions live together hand in hand with harmony and love, at those beautiful nights people finally understood that we are Lebanese before being Christians or Muslims, we are Lebanese before being black or white, we are Lebanese before being liberal or conservative.

Of course, every politician suddenly waving the Lebanese flag or hiding behind various shades of religious robes, will attempt to persuade us that the option is still on the table. That we can simply celebrate our accomplishments, get off the streets, open the roads and get back to work.

However that is not the case, for our will is stronger than their lies, our faith is bigger than their manipulations, our pride is worth more than anything than these lying politicians promise to provide.

October 17 was the beginning of a transitional period, a transition from sectarianism and corruption, it is a transition to a new Lebanon, a better Lebanon a freethinker Lebanon.

A true democracy.

No one can stop this transition, for the will of the people is larger than any lying and manipulating politician, the power of the people is for the people.

Lebanon has finally woken up. And it’s just the beginning.

Sepultura slam authorities after they’re banned from performing in Lebanon

Sepultura have expressed their “deep dissatisfaction” with Lebanese authorities after they were barred from entering the country.

They were due to perform at Beruit’s The Palace – Aresco Center this week, but were denied entry by the country’s general security office, who refused to process their visas.

Organiser Skull Session pressed authorities to find out the reasons why and were told it was due to the band “insulting Christianity, that the band members are devil worshipers, that they held a concert in Israel and that they filmed a video clip supporting Israel.”

Now Sepultura have issued a statement of their own, which reads: “On behalf of Sepultura and staff, we would like to express to our public in Beirut our deep dissatisfaction with the situation to which we were submitted by the general security office, which resulted in the cancellation of our show that would take place on Sunday.

“In 35 years of history, it was the first time we had our entry blocked in a country by a false interpretation of our purposes and values since our intention has always been to promote unity and freedom of expression through music, without making any political, racial or religious distinction.

“To try to compensate everyone who, like us, are frustrated with what happened, we would like to invite you to watch the live broadcast of our upcoming Dubai concert on May 2 in honour of all Sepultura Lebanese fans who could not watch us in person.”

The stream will begin at 10pm Lebanese time (8pm BST) and will be available to watch via Sepultura’s YouTube channel.



The beginning of Salvation

I’m glad that my articles had readers from more than 60 countries especially from USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, China, Indonesia, Australia, India, all European countries, South Africa, Nigeria, the Middle East: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Israel, I was also surprised and happy by readers from religious countries like Saudi Arabia.

Probably we care for freedom, peace, knowledge and progress more than anything else, that’s why we are here.

Freethought is the key of peace

During the last few years, we experience a huge conversion towards freethought, it is surely the near future of the human thought.

As knowledge spreads, constraints fall and freedom and peace prevail.

Science is the knowledge of our reality

Gods and demons do nothing, what keeps us creative and alive is the progress of our knowledge, what mostly kills people is ignorance.

As religions and politics win and fail, science always builds it’s way.

Free your mind, look to the truth, that scientists and freethinkers reveal for you.

We have experienced this free and true knowledge, what we do is simply what any responsible brother, sister, parent or leader must do!

We spread science, defend freedom, and expect something good and beautiful.


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