God's Existence and Meanings

Humans imagined that this universe was created as it is, by someone so powerful, so strong, they called It many names, the most famous one is “God”.

Let’s find out who or what is this Almighty God

Lot of people, prophets, politicians and philosophers had defined God as the almighty, the creator, the all knowing….etc

For thousands of years, people used the idea of God to gain power and authority.

But as everything else it got complicated and lead to a lot of problems. And as a freethinker I have the right to talk about this sensitive topic, with honesty and courage, and give you simple answers for brainwashing questions that I hear over and over and I’m ready to answer other “tricky” questions as well, when necessary.

A- Belief, Imagination, Convincing, Science & Reality

Belief is sometimes beautiful, when the results are beautiful.

Belief & Imagination

Some people see/imagine God in everything, I’m not against belief since it can give satisfaction, motivation and relief. But there is a huge difference between blind belief, self-relief, logic and scientific reality.

Problems we get of blind belief.

1- Bloody history (and present).

2- Ignorance and scientific decline.

3- Fanaticism

4- Obligations and slavery

…. etc


I know that it’s difficult to convince a blind believer for 2 main reasons:

1 – people prefer imagination over scientific facts.

2 – it’s a widely spread human social phenomenon.

But the good news is that these complications are getting more clear with time.


Some people say God created science, but science is just the opposite of religion and supernatural. Science is the observation of reality and how it works, it needs no God no praying and no religion.


It’s hard to understand, but once this happens, it gives the ultimate relief, confidence and wisdom.

B- Silly, but tricky questions that people use so often in order to prove God’s existence

Usually I don’t waste my time answering silly questions, but I’m fed of hearing the same questions again and again so I decided to answer them once and for all.

Silly Question Number 1:

Who created this wonderful world?

This tricky question is already formed in a way that will give a prejudiced answer. “Who” simply indicates a personality.

Only our human imagination is the reason for this “who” question, but it does not necessarily indicate the existence of a personal creator.

Our observable Universe existed billions of years before this idea of God has ever existed.

If we ask this question in a different and a more logical and scientific way, we will definitely get different answers.

More Logical Questions:

How was the Universe created?

What are the scientific facts behind this creation?

How do living beings and humans evolve?

What is creation anyway?

A Simple Answer

This world and this existence are already wonderful, infinite and miraculous.

Silly question number 2

How can all this happen by chance?

Yes a very tricky question, even though we live in a world of chances.

A simple answer

It’s a series of chances, probabilities, randomness, chaos and order.

These are the key aspects of this miraculas and unstoppable Existence, that for hundreds but thousands of years, our scientists had studied in order to offer us a precious science: mathematics, physics, astronomy and biology for those who want to understand.

– Silly question number 3

Can you create a world like this?

Again let’s ask this question in a different way. Can your God seize this world from existing? Can he change it? can he stop all wars? can he make all humans wise?

I think that one day humans will be able to create a better world than this, or even destroy the whole world.

A simple answer

Neither God can. This world is evolving without the interference of any supernatural.

– Another silly question

Do you know everything?

No one knows everything. Only God knows everything.

Again let me ask you a different question: Does your God really know everything? What scientific facts did he offer through religions?

A Simple Answer

That’s why scientists and intellectuals did a great effort in order to discover more, to know more, to find answers for almost everything that we need to know and they made a huge difference. And the ultimate knowledge is still in progress.

Knowledge is now available for everyone, here on the internet, between your hands.

– Yet another silly question:

A ship a mug a tv or any product needs a creator (or let’s say producer), so how can this huge wonderful universe form by itself.

This question is more than silly and ambiguous, a TV for example took many years, many scientits and technologists to develop and produce. Does this mean that a God or many gods created this world? :p

Does this mean that I’m a product of a brand by some God’s factory.

Logical questions instead

The huge wonderful world. Isn’t it unlimited? Are billions of years, billions of possibilities enough to create this world and all these silly people whose brains are getting smaller in the last thousand years.

A simple answer

Why not? Modern studies have aswered all these questions: how do galaxies, planets, mountains, living beings, our human world, our information and even our religions were formed, evolved and still are doing. And how the human brain is in a reverse evolution process.

– And finally the most silly question:

Can You Prove that God doesn’t Exist

Many atheists and even huge and adorable scientists say that they can’t prove the nonexistence of something that doesn’t exist.

A Simple Answer

After all, existence is the essential key reference of this question, that already defines the answer:

Existence simply defines everything that exists, there is no reason for some God to create it, then to prove or not to be able to prove His own existence, or probably to hide for the rest of time, and leave this world to continue creating it’s own self.

This world is the creation of an infinite series of incidents, until the big explosion of our human interference that “God” as an entity has nothing to do with it.

God as a Natural Consciousness

Existence is an ultimate war between good and evil. Where good and evil are relative.

They are a homogeneous reaction and a natural balance, they existed before we defined them, together they create, exactly like negative and positive. Without Evil, there was never good and vise versa.

Good and Evil are incidents not gods

They are not personal gods, they are natural incidents of this existence and they can have infinite and unpredictable possibilities, thus creating infinite results, the last is our human world that is still evolving and creating.

C- More Huge Answers: Learn science

Everything in this world evolves, the stars, the planets life and even our human world, our thought, our culture, our science and our intelligence.

D – The meaning of God

Different religions have given different meanings and had explained different personalities of God.

But mostly these meaning were imaginary excuses to prove something else, and they lead to a lot of catastrophes.

God is not a master of slavery.

God is not the creator of this existence.

God is not almighty.

And God is not the absolute good that we imagine.

God is flexible and simple, it’s a motive and a result of our acts, it’s a definition that we create, it exists in us, whenever we want. It’s a symbol of creativity, freedom, optimism, good doing, power, continuity and eternity.

And God should keep this ultimate meaning, else ignorance will continue in our societies for more thousands of years to come.